When I started flexible seating in my classroom, there were not many options available to me. It was still a new concept and companies were barely creating options for the classroom. Since then, many companies are now creating a variety of options to choose for your classroom.

This list has my top affordable choices for flexible seating options for your classroom. I have personally used all of the seating options and I have a whiteboard table top for my students and I will give pros and cons to all. 

Scoop Chairs

Scoop chairs are a great choice to have for students in the classroom. They are accessible for younger students, and easy to store away. I loved being able to stack these when students were not using them. I had my students use these during reading, iPad, and Chromebook time. 

They are not good for writing, as it’s uncomfortable to use at a desk or table. I did allow students to use these with a clipboard if they wanted it as an option. Being in first grade, students that had growth spurts out grew these chairs towards the end of the year. Students still loved them and wanted to us them, though! You can get a pack of six here.

Yoga Balls with Legs

These chairs are a great option for students to use that need some movement. I let my students bounce in them, but only small bounces. This helped my students stay more engaged and focused while getting that energy out.

They come in a wide variety of colors and I was easily able to match them to colors already in my room. The legs help a lot for students to put them away. I had yoga balls without legs previously and you would see them rolling around everywhere.

Be mindful of students bouncing too hard with them. I had a couple deflate due to students putting a pencil to it. I made sure to go over my flexible seating  guidelines and expectations each time! You can get yours here.

Recliner Seat

I love recliner seats. These adjust to five different reclining positions and they are soft. Students love to choose these seats when they are sitting on a table that is at ground level. I also have students move these around the room when they want to read or use their Chromebook due to them being so comfortable.

These chairs can get messy from shoes and kids being kids. They do require a little maintenance for cleanliness. Every couple of months, I take off their covers and throw them into the wash. I would recommend cutting the portable strap off, as I can see students playing with it. You can see the color options here.

Wobble Chairs

I have wobble chairs at both of my small group tables (lucky to have a small groups aide). I have two different kinds, but I highly prefer these ones. They have a soft rubber grip on the seat and on the bottom. The bottom grip is important, as I have had chairs slip from under them with the ones that don’t have it.

Students are able to wobble their waist around while focusing on instruction. Some teachers find this annoying, but understanding that younger students need to move around some, I love it.

You will get some students that move around too much and get distracted. Other than that, these seats are great. Gets yours here.

Colored Stools

When I first started flex seating, I was hesitant to use these as I didn’t think they’d be all that comfortable. Sitting on hard plastic didn’t sound good. When I provided it as an option though, many students went to them. I like this one due to it coming in a variety of colors and in a pack of six. I also appreciate the rubber grips on the legs to help students not fall.

I have had students lean on them and only have two legs on the ground. Not a big deal when reinforced with guidlines and expectations on use. Grab a pack of five here.

Wobble Cushions

Wobble Cushions are a great flexible seating option, as they can be used in many different ways. You can have them as a floor option or put them on a seat. I allow students to use these on stools. Students also have the option of a textured feel or not. I had an autistic student who LOVED the textured feel and he’d use it every day.

I honestly don’t have any cons for this seat. Maybe storage is a little tricky since they are inflated, but this is a must have for any flexible seating classroom. Get yours here.

Fidget Bands

If you have traditional desks as options in your classroom, these are a must have. I have to always move my feet when sitting. Have done it since I was a small child. Having these bands would’ve made my school life so much better! My students would fidget with these bands while working and I saw a large decrease in students getting up from their seat. Students can also elevate their feet with these.

I did have a couple of students try to take them off to play with them. Students may also try to make noises with them using their feet. After a quick remind of guidlines and expectations, it goes away. Awesome addon to any traditional desk. A link to it is here.

Dry-Erase Table

When I first heard about these, I didn’t realize how much of a game changer it was! I already had students writing with their dry-erase markers on their tables that were wood colored. Having them as a whitetop though, students loved using it to solve math problems they were working on their assignment. Their work was more clear to see than before. They’re great for center use as well, as no need for a whiteboard anymore!

Since they are white, they do appear dirty fast. I solve this by having students clean them at the end of the day. Since they love to do it, no extra work for me! Get your table here.

I hope you got some ideas on flexible seating options you could use in your own classroom. After going flexible seating three years ago in my own classroom, I could never go back. It is a game changer that will change your classroom in many positive ways. 

If you’d like to learn how I incorporated flexible seating in my classroom, click here to see my blog post about it.




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