Do you need Seesaw activities instructions on how to add audio playback to your pages? Adding audio to digital activities can be beneficial for your classroom. It helps students that struggle with reading and adds personal touches to your activities that will keep students engaged.

Seesaw has three ways you can add audio. You can do it on the main image of a page, in movable pieces, or have them in specific parts of a page. I will explain how you can add each one to an activity.


Seesaw activities instructions: Adding audio playback to a page

Audio playback can be added to a page in Seesaw activities, and this is best used if you want instructions to be read, or if there is a focus on the page.

An example of a focus could be a phonics activity that you want students to spell the word “apple” and you show a picture of an apple. You can have this page audio say the word “apple”. This is helpful especially for ELL students.

Watch the video below that details how you can add this to your Seesaw activity.

Adding audio playback to a movable piece

Adding audio to a movable piece is great to do if you need students to know the vocabulary word of a picture, or for letter sounds.

Seesaw updated recently to allow this and it’s a great feature, as the audio file is attached to the picture, so you don’t need to worry about it coming loose like they can in Google Slides!


Adding audio playback to a specific part of a page

This is nice to do when you want the audio speaker right next to a picture or text. There are two ways you can do this, as Seesaw recently allowed users to upload prerecorded audio for their activities.

I detail both possibilities in the video below.


I hope I have inspired you to add some audio to your Seesaw activities! While it does take more work, it can boost a learning resource to the next level!

If you’d like to learn more about the resource I used in this blog post, click here.


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